TalentSorter by FitFirst Technologies

The best applicants identified by our online hiring tools – before you read their resumes.

TalentSorter is the complete online solution for recruiting, assessing and hiring your next superstar.

TalentSorter is an online hiring tool that posts your job openings on major job sites, finds candidates, assesses applicants, stores resumes, and provides an intelligent FitScore® result for each applicant.

Before considering someone’s resume, hiring managers rely on the FitScore to quickly highlight key areas where an applicant’s soft skills may or may not meet the standards and expectations for that particular role and the company (e.g. team skills, motivation, leadership, resilience, communication, and more).

With this additional insight in hand, the end result is the natural outcome of putting greater emphasis on behavior and attitude when screening candidates – you discover the most productive people, you place someone in the job who will thrive and meet your standards, your work environment strengthens, and you reduce turnover.

As one of our clients once put it, “TalentSorter is a step we can’t afford to skip!”

What Is It?

Using cutting-edge behavioral science to look beyond a candidate’s resume, TalentSorter is a pre-employment assessment platform that streamlines the task of tracking and screening job applicants. It helps gauge a candidate’s compatibility and potential for success in the role, providing x-ray vision for those important hiring questions: How well will a candidate fit with the team and the manager? How will they typically behave at work? What are their attitudes are towards job commitment and performance?

How Does It Work?

All candidates complete a short 8-10 minute screen questionnaire as part of the application process, and they appear in the recruiter’s dashboard with a FitScore beside their name which indicates their likely compatibility in the role. It’s a far more predictive approach than parsing and sorting resumes, and it’s a huge time saver for the organization.

Spend far less time in interviews, with better people.

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