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TalentSorter Proposal & Agreement

Please take a moment to review the following pages. If you have any questions at all, please call 800-513-7277.
The TalentSorter System includes:

❖ A full Candidate Management System, built for you and hosted by us. Candidates can introduce themselves by completing a full, fit-based interview and answering a custom questionnaire that will evaluate their behavioral fit for the position they have applied to.
❖ A fully functional management dashboard that allows you to screen and manage the flow of candidates through your system and create pools of talent who will be pre-qualified and ‘ready when you are’.
❖ Unlimited FitScore assessments, reports and interview guides.
❖ Integrated communication, reports and email templates, and full audit trail so everything is in one place and paperless.
❖ Full and ongoing support for as long as you are a client.
❖ Full data export capabilities… saves you double-entry into payroll, HRIS or other systems.

Getting Started
As soon as we receive this order form, your Account Manager will be in touch with you to begin the onboarding process. At that meeting, we will lay out what we will need from you (locations, positions, administrators/Recruiters etc) and map out with you a critical path and internal rollout strategy. We may schedule brief interim review meeting(s) so as to get your sign-off on stages as we go.

Timeline and Deliverables
Timelines will be dependent on the number of locations and people we need to introduce to the process. We start work immediately on your project when the ball is in our court. The most likely factors that could delay the project are last minute changes to content, the late addition of new features, redesign requests, and slow feedback from our client.

Payment Terms and Delays
Payment for an annual contract is due immediately. In exchange for our hard work and commitment to your success, we ask that payment be made as soon as an invoice is received. If this will be a problem, please let us know. Thank you for your understanding; we consider ourselves full partners in your success and will conduct ourselves accordingly

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    • Unlimited Job Postings
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    • Unlimited FitScores
    • Templated emails
    • Full audit trail
    • Unlimited, Reports, Interview Guides, and more
    • Management Dashboard with unlimited multi-user access
    • These preferred rates are available only to IMA Members. If you are not yet a member, please email info@idmfg.org to learn about membership. To see how much you save as an IMA member, visit TalentSorter's website at https://www.talentsorter.com/.
    • Date: 05/22/2024

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