Idaho Manufacturing Supply Chain Assessment & Strategic Plan

This project is funded by the US Economic Development Association and NIST MEP, with project partners Idaho Manufacturing Alliance, Idaho Commerce and TechHelp Idaho.

Project Elements:

  • Idaho Manufacturers’ Connect Business Opportunities Conferences
  • Idaho Manufacturing Supply Chain Assessment, includes focus groups, surveys, and secondary data
  • Idaho Manufacturing Supply Chain Strategic Plan, with Idaho Commerce & Stakeholders
  • Idaho Manufacturers’ Connect Directory Build-out
  • Idaho Manufacturers’ Connect Directory Phase II Improvements

Project Overview

We conducted a survey in partnership with the Idaho Department of Commerce to support the Idaho manufacturing industry. Representatives of manufacturing businesses participated, and responses to this survey help increase understanding of opportunities, needs, barriers, and other issues affecting the growth and resiliency of Idaho’s manufacturing sector.

Using both survey data, personal interviews, and secondary data, the project team will develop an Idaho Manufacturing Supply Chain Assessment to support the development of a statewide strategic plan by Idaho Commerce and other stakeholders.

This project is funded through the U.S. Economic Development Administration and all reports will be available to the public. The report will include the current landscape, as well as scenarios for increasing supply chain efficiencies in Idaho in terms of costs, benefits, feasibility, risks, and tradeoffs.

If you’d like a copy of the final assessment and strategic plan, estimated completion November 2023, please click the button to complete a short form.

Project Outcomes

Upon completion, this project will benefit the Idaho economy in several ways.
1) Supply Chain Connectivity – The supplier database and other tools emerging from the manufacturing strategy will make it easier for Idaho manufacturers to connect with Idaho suppliers. Building these relationships may reduce costs associated with securing material from out-of-state and international sources. One of the biggest drivers of a company’s ripple or multiplier impact is its ability to source material locally. Supplier connectivity will have an added impact reducing the amount of capital flowing out of the state.
2) Business Attraction, Expansion, and Retention – Connecting Idaho manufacturers to instate suppliers will aid in the state’s business attraction, retention, and expansion efforts. Businesses are more likely to relocate to Idaho provided they can identify suppliers capable of meeting their needs. Proximity to local suppliers offers other benefits like lower costs and quality controls. For business retention and expansion strategy and tools will help small rural firms access a broader customer base. Simply put, this project will help existing Idaho companies operate at the “speed of business”.
3) Resiliency – One of the struggles for emergency planners during the early days of the pandemic was identifying manufacturers and suppliers who could quickly pivot to make the things needed to combat COVID-19 e.g. medical supplies, mask, and protective gear. Having a readily available strategy and database will enable emergency planners to quickly respond to future emergencies.

If you’d like a copy of the final assessment and strategic plan, please click the button to complete a short form.