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The Idaho Manufacturing Alliance is an organization created by manufacturers, for manufacturers. We are committed to connecting, supporting, and promoting Idaho manufacturing.

We do this by facilitating connections, creating learning opportunities, planning industry events and initiating projects and partnerships to help the Idaho manufacturing ecosystem and the companies operating within it.

Becoming a member or sponsor helps support the work we do and gives you direct access to benefits, discounts, connections and resources to help your business. 

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Member Testimonials

Having access to contacts and information in the industry is so important. There are always things I can help people with, and things they can help me with, too. Building that camaraderie is huge. Additionally, IMA’s 401K program is phenomenal, as a small business, it feels impossible to manage all the fiduciary components of a true 401K and still make it affordable, so the program they have set up is a real benefit to us.

Lynn Hodges
President, ProMoto Billet

I’ve been involved with the Alliance since almost the very beginning, it’s something I’m passionate about. When our employees have opportunities to interact with other businesses, they come back with a ton of new ideas and the manufacturing industry in Idaho continues to get better through that resource sharing.

Fred Goins
Regional Operations Manager, Fiberon

IMA has provided me with learning opportunities through presentations and tours. I have also had many benchmarking opportunities. Most importantly, I have developed relationships in the local business community. Some of these relationships have helped small business cooperatively advance political opportunities in the state government, some have helped me grow my business, and several have become friends. My association with IMA has been time well spent.

Dwayne Dayley
President, Sapphire Metal Finishing

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