Recruiting, Assessment, and Hiring Tool

TalentSorter is an online hiring tool that posts your job openings on major job sites, finds candidates, assesses applicants, stores resumes, and provides an intelligent FitScore® result for each applicant.

Before considering someone’s resume, hiring managers rely on the FitScore to quickly highlight key areas where an applicant’s soft skills may or may not meet the standards and expectations for that particular role and the company (e.g. team skills, motivation, leadership, resilience, communication, and more).

With this additional insight in hand, the end result is the natural outcome of putting greater emphasis on behavior and attitude when screening candidates – you discover the most productive people, you place someone in the job who will thrive and meet your standards, your work environment strengthens, and you reduce turnover.

As one of our clients once put it, “TalentSorter is a step we can’t afford to skip!”

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