Nice Healthcare

IMA members can sign up for Nice Healthcare’s unmatched primary care services for 25% off of the normal per-employee-per-month rate. Your employees and their households will get access to:

  • FREE in-home and virtual primary care visits with licensed clinicians, scheduled and conducted through our Nice app.

  • 35 FREE labs that can be conducted in your home or workplace.

  • 550+ FREE medications that can be prescribed by your clinician for you to pick up at one of 60,000 pharmacies nation-wide.

  • FREE virtual sessions with licensed physical therapists

  • FREE mental health therapy sessions – Starting January 2022.

  • FREE referrals to specialists, if necessary.


Al Youngwerth, Versabuilt–Personally, I have used Nice providers for a small ailment, physical therapy, and my daily prescriptions. Nice is so nice! The quality of care is outstanding, the convenience is unbeatable, and the cost is unbelievable. My employees appreciate the Nice benefit. It saves their entire family both money and time. The convenience of Nice means my employees need less time away from work and their families for their healthcare needs. As a small business owner, in 20 years of making difficult and expensive choices for employee healthcare benefits, I have never found a better value than Nice Healthcare.


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