IMA 401k Plan


• Lower potential costs: Both employees and employers may realize savings due to being able to access the
necessary scale to bring down administrative costs of the plan.
• Lowered administrative and fiduciary burden: Employers can streamline their administrative burdens by
offloading various tasks to outsourced fiduciary partners.
• Access to stronger plans: A larger pool provides access to low-cost institutional-level investment options that
may not be available in single plans for small and mid-sized employers.
• Similar benefits to larger plans: Employers can access the same technology and fiduciary oversight that is
typically only offered to larger plans.
• A recruiting and retaining edge: In today’s tight labor market, offering a 401(k) plan may make employers more
attractive to potential employees and serve as a retention tool.



▶ Low all-inclusive per participant fee for recordkeeping and admin services
▶ Flexible plan design
▶ Profit sharing/cash balance allocation options
▶ No annual 5500 filing for individual plans
▶ 3(16) plan administration fiduciary services *
▶ Payroll integration with top payroll vendors
▶ Pensionmark 3(38) investment fiduciary management
▶ SMARTMap Foundational Planning (participant advice services)
▶ iJoin ENROLL enrollment experience
▶ Statements and notices taken care of
▶ Online loans and distributions

The IMA 401(k) plan is a Multiple Employer Plan (MEP). MEPs pool plans into a single 401(k), providing small to
mid-sized companies benefits from economies of scale they may not have individually.

Pensionmark Financial Group, LLC is an investment adviser registered under the Investment
Advisers Act of 1940. Pensionmark is affiliated through common ownership with
Pensionmark Securities, LLC (member SIPC).

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