Supply Chain September Story: Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges: A Tale of Resilience and Collaboration

In the face of adversity, Cocoa Bombs, an  Idaho-based food manufacturer, found itself at a crossroads. A surge in global demand put them on the brink of a supply chain crisis, as their plastic supplier struggled to match their rapid growth. But here’s where the story takes a remarkable turn! 🔄 Thanks to the unwavering spirit of innovation and partnership in Idaho manufacturing, Cocoa Bombs’ journey towards success continued.

Amidst the challenge, Boise State’s New Product Development Lab stepped in, guiding Cocoa Bombs to Slant 3D in Caldwell, a high-volume 3D printing service. Slant 3D suggested Panic Plastics, a plastics manufacturer, based in Payette. Panic Plastics collaborated closely with Cocoa Bombs and crafted samples. Upon approval by Cocoa Bombs, Panic Plastics quickly scaled up production, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of containers.

 Cocoa Bombs not only weathered the storm but emerged stronger than ever, delivering moments of joy with each delectable treat. Cheers to turning challenges into triumphs and partnerships into success stories! Let’s raise a mug of cocoa to the incredible journey of Cocoa Bombs and the collaborative spirit that made it all possible.

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