IMA Member Survey 2023

IMA Member Survey Reveals Key Insights and Priorities

The 2023 Idaho Manufacturing Alliance (IMA) member survey has provided valuable insights into the preferences and priorities of its participants, with a significant focus on networking, collaboration, and member benefits. The survey respondents, of whom 60% were Idaho manufacturers, showcased the strong desire for industry growth and the importance of fostering connections within the manufacturing community.

A notable finding from the survey was that over 70% of respondents cited networking and collaboration as the primary reason for their IMA membership. This emphasizes the significance of building relationships and working together to advance the manufacturing industry in Idaho. It is clear that IMA provides a valuable platform for manufacturers to connect, exchange ideas, and collaborate for the betterment of the industry as a whole.

The annual Manufacturing Trade Show emerged as the most attended and/or participated event organized by the IMA, with an impressive 70% of members participating. This underscores the trade show’s popularity and the value it brings to manufacturers in terms of showcasing products, exploring industry trends, and networking opportunities. The trade show serves as a focal point for members to come together, exchange knowledge, and foster fruitful partnerships.

Following closely behind the trade show, site tours and networking events were identified as the second most used member benefits. These activities provide members with valuable opportunities to visit other manufacturing facilities, gain insights into different production processes, and expand their professional networks. The combination of site tours and networking events enables members to establish connections and learn from each other’s experiences, fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement.

Regarding communication channels, the survey revealed that direct email was the favored channel for receiving IMA information. This was followed by the IMA newsletter and website, respectively. These findings highlight the importance of personalized and direct communication in keeping members engaged and informed about the latest news, events, and opportunities within the IMA network.

Over 91% of respondents expressed satisfaction with the IMA, stating that the organization meets or exceeds their expectations! Moreover, IMA members proved to be enthusiastic advocates, personally referring over 21 potential new members. This high level of satisfaction and willingness to refer new members is a testament to the value that IMA provides to its members and the strength of the manufacturing community in Idaho. Here are a few snippets of the specific feedback we received:

“The IMA is a fantastic resource. The events and topics covered help us keep up with employment trends, workforce dynamics, and relevant information about manufacturing. Most significant, are the relationships we continue to build with experts in manufacturing. I continue to be impressed with the things we learn just by attending events and meeting people with such a depth of experience. IMA staff and members are open to sharing and eager to help”.

“Being part of IMA has been of great value to our organization. Not only because of the potential for doing business with outstanding companies but also for the quality of the people you interact with; its staff and members are knowledgeable, professional, and amiable. Undoubtedly, IMA will keep advancing as a key organization in this wild and fun business world. Intertec is a proud member of IMA.” Carlos Pliego, CEO Intertec International Inc.

“Made in the USA starts with supporting companies in Idaho. IMA does a great job brining together a wide range of manufacturing companies and business professionals.”

“The cohort groups have been amazing to collaborate with others in similar roles in the community and industry. I has been a wonderful resource for me. We love all the benefits we have found with IMA. NICE Healthcare has been a hit with our employees and we are now in the process of transitioning to the IMA 401k program with Pensionmark. We are very excited for these opportunities.”

The survey also delved into the benefits members value the most or would like to see more of. Notably, an Alliance Health Care plan emerged as the top request. While the NICE Health Care supplement has been highly regarded for providing affordable primary care options for employees, members expressed a strong desire for comprehensive health care insurance as an additional benefit. The IMA is actively evaluating various health plans to meet this demand and cater to the evolving needs of its members.

Finally, the survey highlighted the top three requested workshop topics: Business Leadership, Lean Manufacturing, and various HR topics. These areas of interest will be prioritized for breakout sessions during the upcoming November Trade Show. Members are encouraged to reserve their spots early to ensure they can take advantage of these valuable learning opportunities.