Meet the New Executive Director!

Hello, IMA family! 

Two months ago, I made the easy decision to join my home state’s manufacturing alliance as the executive director.  The decision was easy because of this organization’s amazing people and the results they produce: 99% of members renewed their membership last year, 51 events received 1,053 member registrations, and review after review contained words like “fantastic”, “valuable”, and “highly recommend”.  I am thrilled to be a part of such a respected and impactful resource for Idaho manufacturers. 

Personally, I am a 4th generation Idahoan who was privileged to attend 2 of Idaho’s fine universities. After receiving my MBA, I pursued a career in financial planning as a stockbroker while juggling the demands of motherhood.  Toddler tantrums and milestone celebrations rivaled the volatility of the S&P 500 and, after a few years, I resigned to help grow our family’s fledgling dental practice during naptimes and after bedtime stories.   

5 ½ years ago I took on the challenge of resuscitating a dry lubricant manufacturing company, moving the headquarters from Southern California to Nampa, Idaho, and assembling a team to refine operations. We joined the Idaho Manufacturing Alliance (then known as SWIMA) to connect with other local manufacturers and quickly learned that the benefits of membership extended well beyond the occasional networking event. 

Today, I have the privilege of leading the IMA into a new chapter which includes further expansion into the north and east corners of our state.  My team is poised to advance workforce development programs that improve training curriculums based on industry needs and assist in the placement of students and trained workers. The planning of the 2023 Manufacturing Trade Show & Conference  is well underway and will offer relevant economic insights and invaluable solution-based breakout sessions geared to strengthen and advance Idaho’s manufacturing industry.  All this while continuing to host connection events throughout the state and manage and expand the many benefits currently offered to membership.  I could not be more proud to represent such an impactful organization!  I truly look forward to connecting with you, hearing about your needs, and ensuring that the IMA represents and supports your business well.  

To your success,   

LisaKay Cox