Member Benefit: Nice Healthcare

Direct Primary Care for $28/employee/month? Yes, really. Read on!

A New Healthcare Model

It’s not common to hear good things about healthcare in recent years. Between the cost of services, lack of provider availability and the rising expense to employers to provide health insurance to employees, it feels like a dismal topic.

Though we have tried to put together an association group insurance plan, we keep running up against barriers and challenges that have left us searching for viable solutions for our members. While we are still working on that goal, one of our industry partners brought an intriguing healthcare option to our attention.

Knowing that small companies find it challenging to offer health insurance or health care options to their employees, what we subsequently learned about Nice Healthcare made us think it was too good to be true. But it’s not! We hope you’ve taken a minute to learn a little bit about this offer because the price point at which you can implement this for your employees makes this a no-brainer!

What is Nice Healthcare?

Nice Healthcare offers an out-of-the-box healthcare model offering advantages to employers and employees both. It is a direct primary care model, with no brick-and-mortar locations and no insurance dealings.

  • In-home and virtual primary care visits with licensed clinicians.
  • Labs that can be conducted in the home or workplace.
  • 550+ medications delivered to the home or available for pickup at any of over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide.
  • Virtual sessions with licensed physical therapists.
  • Virtual mental health therapy sessions.
  • Referrals to specialists, if necessary.
  • Completely integrated care with clinicians who guide patients through their whole care journey.

Employers find value in offering Nice as a stand-alone benefit, paired with a high deductible health plan, or supplementing full HMO/PPO plans to reduce spending and insurance claims, therefore minimizing plan increases year over year.

Why Choose Nice?

VALUE! At the IMA member pricing of only $28/employee/month (and covering the employee’s ENTIRE household), you shouldn’t need more convincing. But if you do, read on…

  • Nice doesn’t require employees to have health insurance.
  • Nice can save your employees hundreds of dollars in healthcare costs every year.
  • Nice has a perfect 5-star rating on Google Reviews.
  • When care is affordable and accessible, employees stay healthy instead of avoiding care and causing higher costs in the long run.

But don’t take it from us…

Members think Nice is Nice!

Still skeptical? Check out these testimonials from IMA members!

 “We are LOVING NICE Healthcare! We have had lots of positive feedback from our employees as well after having it for just a couple of short months. It is so simple to use, that it doesn’t even seem real. I highly recommend it as an addition to employers’ benefit packages. It is more cost-effective and convenient.”–Sydney Peel, H/R & Accounting, Greyloch

 “Nice healthcare is amazing!! My wife used it with a sinus infection, the appointment was quick and thoughtful, they sent the medication to Albertsons right around the corner from my house and it was covered. Then they check on my wife for the following week as she got through her meds. yesterday my 13-year-old had an apt on the phone with them and they were able to determine that she had strep just by a picture.” —House of Design Employee

“In May 2022 I came down with a pretty severe case of bronchitis. Our Nice Healthcare was scheduled to commence on June 1st however on May 30th my lung symptoms were so bad I had to go into urgent care. It was a 3-hour ordeal and at the end of it I had a $400 bill and no solution. Fast forward to July and I was still struggling with breathing and wheezing. My Nice nurse practitioner came to my home, and conducted a lung function test and a breathing treatment. I had everything I needed and am now fully recovered. To make things more amazing, my provider has since followed up (on her own accord) twice to ensure I was recovering and doing well. I cannot say enough good about this program! It’s amazing!! ” —Hannah Gordon, COO, Aviation Specialties Unlimited

At the IMA member pricing of only $28/employee/month (and covering the employee’s ENTIRE household), you shouldn’t need more convincing.

“I have personally used Nice and found it to be convenient, helpful, and cost-effective.”–Bob Piazza, President, Price Pump

“Personally, I have used Nice providers for a small ailment, physical therapy, and my daily prescriptions. Nice is so nice! The quality of care is outstanding, the convenience is unbeatable, and the cost is unbelievable. My employees appreciate the Nice benefit. It saves their entire family both money and time. The convenience of Nice means my employees need less time away from work and their families for their healthcare needs. As a small business owner, in 20 years of making difficult and expensive choices for employee healthcare benefits, I have never found a better value than Nice Healthcare”.–Al Youngwerth, Versabuilt

“Nice Healthcare is fantastic! As a family that rarely goes to the doctor, when you do need one, it’s tough to get in. So, you go to urgent care and hope for the best or ignore the issue altogether. Because of how easy Nice is; we’ve utilized care numerous times, at no cost to our family! We’ve had two x-rays in our home, a prescription for a skin irritation called in while traveling, virtual physical therapy, and some required blood testing done for our son before he headed off to play a college sport last fall. I estimate it saved us easily $1,500 dollars in the short time we’ve had it. And we haven’t sacrificed our level of care. The practitioners are great and responsive. Don’t hesitate to snag this offering for you and your team!”--Sheri Johnson, Founder, Idaho Manufacturing Alliance

You can learn more about Nice by visiting or contacting IMA!