Member Benefit: TalentSorter

A Hiring Tool You Shouldn’t Overlook! 

Many of you have probably seen mention of one of our member benefits called TalentSorter, but I suspect many of you don’t know what it really is. We’re hoping to share a little bit about this useful tool and the successes that IMA and member companies have had using the platform. 

What is TalentSorter?  

TalentSorter is a one-stop shop for HR roles; it is an online pre-employment applicant screening platform that is a complete online solution for recruiting, assessing, and hiring your next superstar. 

The online hiring tool streamlines your processes: 

  • Posts jobs to the major job board sites 
  • Finds candidates (or they find you!) 
  • Assesses applicants using your criteria 
  • Stores resumes and other documents submitted by the applicants 
  • Manages applicant communication and tracking 
  • And provides an intelligent, science based FitScore result for each applicant 

Why Should We Use It? 

First off, TalentSorter is an incredible value! For most companies, for less than the cost of posting jobs on leading job boards, you can get the benefit of hiring smarter with science. 

Member company Chris Reeve Knives has been using TalentSorter for a year. They have hired 5+ employees using the tool, and they have the following things to say: 

  • The ease of posting the job is a game-changer! 
  • Better than Indeed for reposting and keeping organized 
  • The quality of applicants is higher 
  • Gives a better picture of who the candidate really is 

Chris Reeve Knives doesn’t have a dedicated HR team, they love that this is an all-inclusive solution to keep organized and communicate with candidates. 

When we asked member Teton Machining Solutions if they’d recommend the platform to other members, they said: “The answer is YES! It is a wonderful product and worth the money.  We have never had a tool like what this site offers, and I love the fact I have history and can retain comments about why we rejected a candidate.  We have had more new employees in the last year than in years past, and this allowed us to decrease the effort we had to use to fill the positions.” When asked about candidate quantity and quality, they shared that they had exponentially more qualified candidates using TalentSorter than ever before. 

Digging Deeper: 

The assessment measures each candidate’s Job Fit and likelihood of success in a specific role. That’s how, rather than relying on the resume, TalentSorter uses cutting-edge behavioral science algorithms and scoring to assess every applicant’s ‘job fit’ and determine whether their traits and attributes are suited to the role. TalentSorter will uncover the hidden gems in a pile of resumes – before you read any of them. It will guide you to the right people in the applicant pool – those who are likely to fit better, onboard faster, become productive sooner, treat your customers better, and help you take friction out of your operation. As TalentSorter’s founder stated, “TalentSorter will help you find good people in surprising packages”. 

And we agree. IMA has used the tool on multiple occasions, and we can’t stop sharing the benefits of this great platform. We feel our duty is to bring you valuable and useful resources to do business better, and TalentSorter fits the bill! 

To learn more about TalentSorter, get a demo, or explore pricing, visit As always, feel free to reach out to the IMA team to get your questions answered.  

We’ll also be hosting an online workshop about the TalentSorter platform on April 6th.