Member Feature: ODIN Works (Coolest Thing in Idaho 2022)

In 2016, Boise-based AR accessory manufacturer, ODIN Works and owner Tom Hines were featured in an article in Outdoor Life magazine. In it, Hines was labeled as one of the leading innovators in the AR market. Tom credited the modular AR, as an ideal gun innovation platform, with lots of standardized components. At the time, ODIN Works primary focus for three years had been on after-market parts for the popular AR platform.

What began as the coolest AR accessories on the market has officially evolved into the coolest fully built AR-style rifle. ODIN Works recently won Idaho Manufacturing Alliance’s 2022 “Coolest Thing Made in Idaho” contest with their coolest product, the OTR-15 (ODIN Tactical Rifle, AR-15).  This lightweight, modern sporting rifle is the perfect combination of all the best-selling AR accessories that ODIN Works manufactures in a range-ready, out-of-the-box firearm. “It’s all our favorite parts in a fully built rifle. Instead of building your own, you can now purchase everything in one customizable package,” said Paige Ricci, from the marketing team at ODIN Works.

Since its inception in 2020, reviews have been pouring in from competitive shooters, law enforcement, and firearm enthusiasts around the country from that rave about the OTR-15’s superiority and quality.

  • “ODIN has outdone themselves. This rifle is far and above the rest out there on the market.”
  • “These are amazing rifles are a bargain for what you are actually getting. Everything you would want on a rifle is on this almost perfect first attempt from ODIN Works.”
  • “Excellent rifle. Well thought out and premium construction.”

Thanks to increased accuracy and superior ease-of-use, the AR-15 is the most commonly used rifle in police patrol. ODIN Works has a reputation with law enforcement, most recently the Idaho State Police (ISP) recognized the OTR-15 as the best choice for their duty rifles and the company won the contract to supply rifles for the agency. The OTR-15 as well as ODIN Works suppressors are used by many other local and county law enforcement agencies around the state.

While the OTR-15 may look like a military rifle, it does not function in the same way. The OTR-15 functions the same way as other semi-automatic sporting firearms. What attracts gun aficionados to the AR-15 style platform is that it is modular, allowing customers to customize with many different color options and upgrades.

ODIN Works founder Hines credits hard work from growing up on a farm in rural Idaho and engineering ingenuity from working at Hewlett-Packard (HP) for his success. “My dad taught me how to work and HP taught me how to think,” said Tom when asked about how he got to where he is now. ODIN Works, with its culture of innovation and quality, can certainly be added to the list of dozens of Idaho companies influenced by the HP Way.

Indeed, becoming better and more efficient through continual improvement is what the team at ODIN Works is all about. Accordingly, they are constantly improving and advancing their products – getting better at it as they go along. As users of their products, they feel compelled to innovate their products to address needs they themselves have personally experienced. It’s a business model that has garnered them a large fan base for their superb quality and cutting-edge designs and helped them win the Coolest Thing award.

Last month marked the tenth anniversary of this company and they are proud to say their products are made in Idaho. As Coolest-Thing-Made-In-Idaho winners, ODIN Works receives a one-year membership to the Idaho Manufacturing Alliance. They are known for their pursuit of perfection through continual process improvement, and ODIN Works will benefit from that same drive within the IMA and its mission to connect, support and promote Idaho manufacturing.  Congratulations and welcome Tom and the ODIN Works team!