Member Feature: CJ Precision Machine

If you scour the factories, farms, laboratories and workshops throughout the United States, you’ll find thousands of signs and employee handbooks touting the importance of excellence in production. Every business owner likes to think their commitment to quality is unmatched, but few place that commitment above all else.

Nestled in a manufacturing district near the Boise Airport, CJ Precision Machine emphasizes premier production by incorporating a commitment to quality throughout their business in unexpected ways.

An acceptance rate that speaks for itself

CJ Precision Machine is a full-service CNC production machine shop, specializing in materials, assembly, reverse engineering, and more. With close to 200 years of combined experience among their staff of 12, they provide custom-tailored solutions for industries ranging from food processing to automotive, medical to aerospace, semiconductors to solar, and more.

For this highly experienced crew, the job doesn’t stop when a part comes off the line; they prefer to take things a few steps further.

“We don’t just hand our customers a box of parts and call it good,” said John Ianson, a sales and marketing specialist at CJ Precision. “We’ll build it, box it and apply their artwork or logo to give them a turnkey solution that’s ready to go on the shelf the moment they receive it.”

By including plating, marking, tagging, assembly, and boxing in their menu of offerings, you may think CJ Precision is setting themselves up for an increased margin of error. On the contrary, their customers are largely elated.

“Because we put such a high emphasis on quality and attention to detail, our acceptance rate is in the 98-99% range,” John said. “It’s nearly flawless.”

The expertise and service offerings at CJ Precision Machine extends to the unique industries in Idaho whose facilities are built around custom machinery. For those customers, CJ Precision offers a manual machining area where one-of-a-kind parts can be quickly repaired; a service that has helped them build trusted relationships with dozens of companies throughout the state.

Quality performance from the inside out Finding their niche and perfecting their production process was an important step in CJ Precision’s path to prominence, but they also understand that quality products cannot be made without quality employees. That’s why, alongside their partner company Western Trailer, CJ Precision provides premier access to health resources for their staff.

“We’re one of the better places to work,” John said. “We even have our own doctor’s office where employees can be seen the same day and receive prescriptions at no cost. Whether it’s for a cough or even weight loss programming, the ability to access our private medical clinic separates us from other employers in a big way.”

An exceptional future starts now

When employees are healthy, production is healthy, and the future of a company and its surrounding community will follow suit. CJ Precision’s focus on quality extends into the future not only through their current, tangible growth into a larger facility, but also through the way they serve entrepreneurs and the manufacturing workforce as a whole.

“One of the biggest impacts we can make is on entrepreneurs,” said John. “We are able to help them develop a product and collaborate on ways to improve it and ensure its longevity throughout the manufacturing process.”

Even younger than many of the entrepreneurs they work with are the students they meet through the Idaho Manufacturing Alliance’s Made Here Expo.

“Meeting students who are the next generation of workers in the manufacturing industry is a great experience,” said Clint Whitehead, president of Western Trailers and a CJ Precision Machine partner. “It gives us the opportunity to line up tours and plant the seed that they don’t have to go far to find a successful career doing something they enjoy.”

Seen through the lens of CJ Precision Machine, quality is more than manufacturing a pristine part; it’s a driven team of experienced professionals, a space designed for wellness and a dedication to the future. Get involved in the future of Idaho’s manufacturing industry at, and learn more about CJ Precision Machine at