Atomic Potato Chips based in Arco wins the 2021 Coolest Thing Made in Idaho contest

The Idaho Manufacturing Alliance congratulates the Atomic Potato Chip Company for winning this year’s Coolest Thing Made in Idaho contest!

Sponsored by Idaho Power, with support from TechHelp Idaho and the Idaho National Laboratory, the IMA ran its virtual contest for the second year running in conjunction with National Manufacturing Day (#mfgday21) and Idaho Manufacturing Month (#idmfg).

Idaho is home to over 2,000 manufacturing companies making countless products that touch our lives every day The contest aims to spotlight these great products, promote the manufacturing industry, and help companies expand the reach of their #madeinidaho products!

After a nomination phase, followed by two rounds of voting, Atomic Potato Chips won by a landslide (or an atomic bomb)! The company describes their chips as Old School Potato Chips, “something your grandmother might have made as a treat in the kitchen”. Made fresh every week, these potato chips are made from skin-on russets, hand-cut in 3 different thicknesses. They are then fried in peanut oil to a golden brown and seasoned with a variety of different flavors to please everyone! Want a chip that tastes like an Idaho Campfire? Love Fry Sauce so much that you can’t take the extra step to dip? Dream of a beach in the Caribbean and want your Pina colada on a potato? The flavors go on and on…Aged Cheddar Jalapeno, Buttery Garlic Sweet Onion, Sal’s Brooklyn Pizza, PB&J, Smokey Bacon Cheddar Horseradish, Salt Lake Plain (salted), Big Cheese, Naked and Free (unsalted), Ketchup and Fries, and last but not least, Salted or Cheesy Spicy Taco Tortilla Chips.

Show this husband and wife team some love! Order a couple of flavors and see what their fans have been raving about!

Congrats to the husband and wife team at Atomic Potato Chip Company!