Member Feature: Quintex Molding

Ask any member of the Idaho Manufacturing Alliance why they joined, and one of their responses will undoubtedly relate to networking and resource sharing. With nearly 140 members ranging from manufacturers to accountants and supply chain to economic development partners, there’s no shortage of doors to knock on when you’re itching to collaborate or in need of a fresh perspective.

Clyde Colbert, president of Quintex Molding, is a prime example of what it means to nurture these relationships to create an ecosystem for innovation.

“Inventors will come to us with an idea and we’re fortunate to have a lot of resources to share with them throughout the valley,” he said. “We can pair them up with engineering students at the local universities or direct them to Boise Tech Help, and when the time comes for them to bring a 3D prototype to life, we can send them to our friends at Intermountain or Slant 3D.”

As one of only a few injection mold companies in the state, Quintex has manufactured mass-produced plastic parts for tinkerers, plumbers, landscapers, medical supply companies, spa manufacturers, fragrance distributors, agricultural companies and more, at competitive prices for more than 30 years.

“We have some customers who come to us with just a sketch on a napkin, and we also service larger companies who have a CAD drawing and annual volume estimates ready to go,” said Clyde. “Our Nampa facility is equipped with more than 20 machines that are anywhere from 50 to 500 tons, so we have plenty of capacity.”

On the surface, running injection mold machines day-in and day-out may seem too repetitive to maintain long-term employees, but Clyde has unlocked the secret sauce to creating a dedicated, engaged workforce. By cultivating a family atmosphere, delivering diverse project assignments and offering competitive benefits, his team has more than doubled since he took over the company in 2014. Clyde also notes that when it comes to getting things done, he isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and work right alongside his team.

“I won’t ask anyone to do anything that I wouldn’t do,” Clyde said. “If I can run a machine and work on a part for eight hours, then I’m comfortable asking my employees to do it, too. I trust the judgement of my team and if we need to change a process or stop a project, I’ll back them. We work through problems together.”

Clyde takes pride in the tenure and work ethic of his employees and is also eager to share what he’s learned during his career with fellow SWIMA members.

“We’re a charter member, and it all started from a single SWIMA presentation we attended years ago,” he said. “Right then and there we made the decision to join.”

Clyde emphasized that his decision to become a member of IMA wasn’t because he had a dire need to grow the business, but rather he was drawn to the opportunity to continue cultivating relationships throughout Idaho’s manufacturing industry.

“I knew we could be a resource to the companies in the valley and they would be resources to us,” said Clyde. “The chance to collaborate – whether at meetings and presentations, or during site tours – really sealed the deal for us, and the occasional meetup at a microbrewery is always nice too.”

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