Partners Launch Idaho PPE Exchange

The IPX is a non-profit exchange to quickly connect buyers and sellers of PPE. The IPX seeks to assist Idaho buyers in locating potential sources of scarce but critical supplies. The IPX hopes that buyers will find sellers close to their operations to shorten the supply chain. 

The IPX has no financial interest in any suppliers/buyers. The IPX earns no revenue from the site or any transactions that occur as a result of the site. 

No buyer should take any comfort that a supplier on the IPX has been vetted by the IPX. The IPX takes no responsibility for the claims or activities of any supplier. The IPX specifically does not make any comment, representation, or warranty on the reliability of the information posted, or the efficacy of any product that one may purchase from a supplier listed on the IPX. The IPX expressly warns each buyer to do their own due diligence before purchasing any product from any supplier whether listed on the IPX or not. 

IPX will not warrant or represent anything about any product posted. Caveat emptor rules the day. As a supplier, you assume full and total responsibility for truth in advertising, contract fulfillment, etc.

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